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CMGI strives for excellence and lays great emphasis on generating value for clients. The main objective of the initiative is to work with Departments of the Government of Odisha and other stakeholders to analyze key issues in Governance, identify solutions, help & develop action plans, and support implementation of Governance Reforms. CMGI acts as a think tank and help translate government goals, objectives and policy priorities into tangible reform actions in the areas of Governance. It helps the State Government in identifying those areas for change that will make the most impact in improving performance and policy-making in government and enable it better to respond to the needs of the people. It also creates a bank of best practices and tools in governance reforms including e-Governance. To support change management programmes in Government to effectively carry forward governance reforms, CMGI has developed a reform communication strategy for wider implementation and to build capacity within the Government. Besides shouldering the aforesaid noble objectives, CMGI provides consultancy services to national, state and local governments in India and developing countries in the areas of design, action research and implementation of governance reforms, including administrative reforms to promote good governance. CMGI wants to be a world class institution to guide governance reforms in Odisha, India and the developing world, through bringing together knowledge, technology and people. It strives to be among the very best in the world in the area of practical reforms to foster growth-oriented and people centred good governance.

Administrative reform is a continuing necessity in the Government, more so when the Government confronts a quantum jump in its basic framework of governance including, of course, its goals. The Centre for Modernizing Government Initiative (CMGI) has its origins in the recommendations of Government of Odisha (GoO) to help achieve its goal of transforming the government in accordance with its vision. It is a unique organization operating in the meta-space of e-Government. In its five years of existence CMGI has handled a diversity of projects, providing consulting support to both central and state Governments in India in developing and implementing e-Government projects. CMGI coordinates and supports the designing and implementation of GoOs Governance Reform Programme. It undertakes action research, provides professional advice to and conducts change management programmes for government departments and agencies to help them implement their reform agenda successfully. It also works closely with policy makers like Ministers, officials and other stakeholders, especially citizens, to promote Simple, Moral, Accountable, Responsive and Transparent (SMART) government. Apart from playing a strategic advisory role, we also help central and state governments improve the delivery of government services, design IT systems to enhance internal efficiencies, and develop leadership capability and skill-sets within the Government.

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