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Our Projects

  • Human Resource Management System
    The General Administration( Administrative Reforms) Department, Government of Odisha through its reform programme CMGI have developed HRMS. It is a comprehensive web application for Government employees of all Departments across the State. Each employee can access HRMS through internet by browsing All human resources management activities will be transacted electronically through internet, so as to provide timely disposal of HR issues of the employees and incentivize them to perform efficiently. HRMS in collaboration with Orissa Treasury Management System (OTMS) will accurately manage projects, accounts, and monitor revenue expenditure and enable efficient utilization of government resources.

  • Litigation Management System
    The number of litigation against Government has been growing at a fast pace in recent times. There is said to be more than one lakh cases against the Government in different Departments. In the present system, these cases are dealt with in different branches of the Government Departments in files by the Assistants manually. Owing to its large number, it has become difficult to prepare and submit a proper reply to the Courts in regard to the petitions filed by the private parties. Many times delays occur in the submission of reply by the Departments to the Court. Sometimes the notices regarding the institution of cases are received quite late. The reply to the petitions submitted by the Departments are sometimes not submitted to the Courts on time. These deficiencies in the present litigation management system has invited adverse remarks from the Courts and has led to passing of adverse orders against the Government.
    It is necessary to devise a system to make the management of the litigation against the Government more effective. It is therefore proposed to adopt a web enabled computerized litigation management system called the ONLINE LEGAL CASELOAD MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (OLCMS) that will establish a network between the offices of the different Departments, HODs and district offices on the one hand and the office of the Advocate General, Government Advocates, on the other hand.
    1. To develop a decision support system for litigation management.
    2. To develop a database of all cases against the Government pending in the Courts.
    3. To monitor the status of cases.
    4. To facilitate interaction between Government Departments and Government Advocates.
    5. To track all important events in respect of a case such as communication of notice of the case, assignment of Government Advocates, submission of draft reply, revision of the reply by Government Advocate, filing of reply in the Court, adjournments, interim orders, judgment compliance, appeal etc.
  • Pending Pension Monitoring System
    The objective of pending pension cases monitoring system is to reduce the number of pendency in pension cases and enabling authorities to monitor pending pension cases effectively through a web enabled monitoring system.Features include:-
    • Recording of Pending Pension case data
    • Facility to authorities to update each phase of pension processing.
    • Monitoring tool for authorities at each level.
    • Generating department/ office wise MIS reports
    • Generating District/Office wise MIS reports.
    • Automatic data collection from HRMS software subsequently
    • Pension Paper processing in workflow model
    • Automatic Generation of Pension Documents
  • Odisha Education Resource Portal
    Odisha Education Resource portal (OERP) is a comprehensive one stop portal, catering to the educational needs of the students, teachers & parents. The OERP is a unique initiative of Center for Modernizing Government Initiatives (A society under GA (AR) Department, Government of Odisha) for the School and Mass Education Department, Government of Odisha.
    The Odisha primary Education Programme Authority(the State implementing unit of centrally sponsored DPEP & SSA), the SIET, the TE & SCERT of the School & Mass Education Department, Government of Odisha have developed and implemented different pedagogical initiatives to ensure joyful learning, subsequently which is the key for enrolment, retention and quality education in the Government Schools.
    It is observed that there is a huge transmission loss during transformation of pedagogical inputs from the state resource group up to cluster resource group or up to school levels. Secondly the good practices at individual, school & cluster level have not been shared with other schools.
    Realizing the above facts, the idea of OERP has conceived to address the above issues. The OERP is not only a platform for the teachers & teacher's educations, but also a unique platform for Government school students and their parents. It will also bridge the gap of digital divide between the modern private school children with the Government school children .This portal will help the students to develop an outlook on a world prospective.

  • E-Abhijog
    E-Abhijoga is Odisha State Grievance Redressal Portal. Its objective is to facilitate online availability of the grievance redressal mechanism to citizens thereby providing him/her facility to lodge the grievances anytime, anywhere. Its two more objective includes to track the status and to send reminders and clarifications, irrespective of citizen’s geographical location, and to introduce a standard and uniform approach of grievance redressal in all State Government Departments and offices to enable the Public Grievance officer for easy access to grievances. E-Abhijoga also includes paperless processing of grievances as per internal workflow of the organization.
    Benefits for the Citizen:-
    • Single channel:- e-Abhijoga is designed in such a way that the grievance is channelized into one cohesive system with a Unique Grievance Tracking Number.
    • Easy to Use:- Allow registration of grievance through internet on 24*7 basis. There are provision to submit grievance.
    • Quick feedback:- Unique Registration number to the citizen upon submission of the grievance to the system.
    • First response to the citizen within 24 hours of submission of the grievance. Any question or documents required for redressal of the grievance will be asked in one go on time bound basis on receipt of the grievance.
  • Integrated Asset Management System
    The objective of IAMS is to ensure smooth management of residential land conversion within Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation area from "leasehold" status to "freehold" status to minimize processing time and bring transparency in the process followed by the General Administration Department through use of Information and Communication Technology.
    Features of IAMS include the following:-
    • Online application for conversion from leasehold to freehold.
    • Receipt of acknowledgment through SMS.
    • Online tracking of application.
    • Intimation for deposition of conversion fees through SMS.
    A Facilitation Centre is set up in the Estate Court Building near Central Record Room, Secretariat, Bhubaneswar so as to facilitate the applicant to apply online for conversion of residential land within Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation area from "leasehold" status to "freehold" status.

  • Revenue Court Case Monitoring System
    Revenue Court Case Monitoring System can be accessed by all the revenue courts, and the concerned authority as well as by the citizens of Odisha by using URL It is a web based application designed on a workflow based integrated software, it will allow the users to do case filing, scrutiny, case entrustment/ allocation, recording of daily proceedings, allows generation of causes, sequence editing of cause list, pendency list, recording of interim order, judgments, etc.

    This application is developed on n-Tier Architecture. Microsoft technology would be better technology platform to support the application. SCOPE- Following revenue courts are covered under this application:-
    1. Court of Collector
    2. Court of ADM
    3. Court of Sub-Collector-cum-SDM
    4. Court of Tahasildar
    5. Court of OSD(Land Revenue)
    6. Court of Executive Magistrates
    7. Court of Land Acquisition Officer
  • Office Inspection and Organisation Performance Monitoring System
    The following are the main objectives of office inspection and organization performance monitoring system :-
    • To improve collaboration on sharing of information.
    • To provide facilities to automate office inspection processes.
    • To provide effective monitoring of the important public offices.
    • To provide data visualization through dashboard system for effective decision support.
    • To provide Document management for proper information management.
    • To enhance accountability at different level.
    • To provide right information at the right time to increase efficiency through informed decisions.
    The main functional components for Monitoring of Public Office Inspection and Organization performance under Government of Odisha.
    • Inclusion of prescribed guidelines and checklists as per Odisha Record Manual.
    • Inspection Scheduling and calendaring.
    • Compliance management.
    • Inspection Monitoring.
    • Document Management.
    • Management Information System.
    • Database of digitized inspection notes of preceding five years as available in the following offices is integrated with this application.
  • Odisha Right To Public Service Web Portal
  • Police Verification Tracking System
  • E-Dak